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    What is Marriage?

    What is Marriage?

    You ask 4 different couples to define marriage

    And you usually get 9 different answers. Marriage is almost impossible to define because it means different things to different people. Everyone has their own idea concerning what marriage means and how it applies to their lives.

    Marriage is a love story

    The one consistent theme that most people say about marriage is that it is a love story. Two people meet, they talk, spend time together and eventually fall in love. Or they simply meet and fall in love at first sight. No matter how it is done, marriage is about love.

    Love is the key

    If you ask those different couples about love you may also get 9 different answers as well. Love is defined differently by different people. But one thing is for sure, people usually do not get married unless they love the other person in some way.

    Love is the binding ingredient to any successful marriage. That is what makes marriage so special. It is the love for each other that elevates marriage to its special status in life.

    Without love you cannot have a real marriage. Marriage is love for one special person.

    Marriage Is Not For The Weak

    Marriage Is Not For The Weak

    There are many trials in life

    That test the strength of an individual. There are athletic competitions to test one’s sporting courage. There are tests that measure the academic ability of an individual. Then there are business tests that test the worthiness and business acumen of those wanting to be in business.

    All of these trials test individuals. They are designed to measure one person’s ability, their strength, knowledge, judgment and courage. They must take those tests alone.

    You Are Not Alone

    While marriage brings a lot of trials to the participants in marriage, those involved are not alone. You have someone at your side going through the exact same thing. Two people working together can meet the tests and trials that marriage brings.

    Marriage is not for the weak

    The trials and tests that marriage brings to the participants separate the men from the boys. They expose the flaws and weaknesses in a union. Those trials also expose the character and integrity of those involved in marriage.

    Are the participants strong enough, dedicated and committed enough to work their way through the problems and have a successful marriage. Or is their union too weak to survive?

    Marriage is not for the weekend warriors. It is not for those who want to play games and it is not for those who are not committed to their mates.

    Marriage is for those who are strong

    It takes great strength to handle a marriage. It also takes a lot of courage. It is not easy to be committed to just one person. Marriage is for those people who can handle the trials and tests together, without giving up on the other person.

    It takes a special breed of person to get and remain married. The question is are you that special breed of person who can love, cherish, honor and work with your mate till death finally separates you two?

    Marriage is special

    Far too many people do not see marriage as it is. Marriage takes work and it cannot survive without both parties being on the same page. It takes unity to make marriage work.

    Being married is like writing a love story. It is your story and yours alone. You get to write it any way you want. But to make that love story have a successful ending, you need to be brave, strong and committed.

    Marriage is the taking of two individual lives and molding them into one powerful unit. The participants need to be courageous to handle all the tests that are sent their way.

    A beautiful story

    Being married is a beautiful story written by those who have the strength to survive and thrive. It is about love, commitment and dedication. It leaves a long-lasting testament to others that marriage can be something wonderful if handled correctly.

    Marriage is wonderful because it takes two. No other activity on life can compete when a marriage is done right. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

    The Advantages of Marriage

    The Advantages of Marriage

    You have heard the stories

    About how you can save money on your taxes by getting married. Or by how everything is cheaper when you buy for two instead of one. But those stories are for those who do not take marriage seriously or know how to love another person.

    There are other advantages to getting married.

    A shoulder to cry on

    Life is full of disappointments. They are not easy to take but when you are married you have someone to turn to and put your head on their chest or shoulder and let your disappointment out.

    You can do this without fear because you know you are sharing your feelings with someone who cares. When disappointment hits you have someone special to turn to.

    Support when you need it

    Achieving success in life is not easy. It takes hard work, determination and good support. Friends and family offer support but sometimes it seems as f that support is at a distance. They are not totally involved and have nothing at stake in your affairs.

    Marriage provides you with a partner that is not at a distance. They also have a stake in your success. They can provide the wise support you need to make it through the difficulties and succeed in your ventures.

    They are with you and by your side each step of the way.

    You have love

    There are many people who use the word love. Most use it cheaply as it seems like the appropriate word to say. But when you get married you have someone who does more than just use the word without meaning.

    Their act of commitment demonstrates how much they love you. They are saying you are the one for them. That step shows that you are being loved for who you are and are accepted no matter how many faults you may have.

    You have love and that is the best thing you can have with marriage.

    Love is special

    Love is unique even though so many different people use it. No one can love you like your partner can. They know you well and know how to bring happiness into your life. Love is something that does happen outside of marriage, but it is taken to a whole new level when two people unite to become one person.

    There is almost nothing on earth that can match the deepness that love offers when you marry your life’s partner. You have an endless journey exploring how deep that love goes.

    The advantage of marriage

    Is that it is a relationship like no other. It binds two people for life and tells each one that they are not alone for the rest of their lives. It takes dedication, commitment and caring to achieve all the benefits that marriage offers to the participants.

    Those benefits are not available to those who play at marriage or make it some joint business venture. It is only for those who truly love their mate


    Wedding Inspiration #1

    Wedding Inspiration #1

    You have heard the horror stories

    You have seen the statistics and you have seen how friends treat marriage. You are wondering if you are making the right decision to get married. You certainly do not want to end up like so many of your friends, divorced, lonely and alone.

    His big arms

    Yet marriage is not all doom and gloom. There are many more success stories than what hits the news. They all have their little secrets for their longevity. One little secret is his big arms.

    When those big, strong, powerful arms are wrapped around you, there is a sense of not being alone. You have support. When things start to go bad you have someone to turn to help you through those tough times.

    You have comfort. When you are feeling sad, lose a treasured pet or even a loved one, you have someone to wrap their big arms around you and tell you that you will be okay.  You can put your head on his shoulders and cry without fear knowing that those big arms will hold you safe.

    Once those big arms envelope your body, you know you have love. You know you are not alone. You have someone special that will love you the way you are. You can rest knowing that you are special to another human being.

    The security of marriage

    That is the unique thing about marriage. Despite all the bad stories you have heard, marriage is still special. It offers what no other relationship can. Sure you can have the romance, the romantic interludes, the fun outside of marriage, but those relationships pale beside a good marriage.

    It provides you with a security that no other relationship can match. You have your own special someone who is not going away. That special someone is yours and yours alone. No one can have that same security with your special someone.

    The advantage of marriage

    When you listen to the bad stories about marriage, the fights, the anger and the trials, you are only hearing one side of the story. The other side of the story is much better. Yes you will fight because that is two people learning how to become one with each other.

    Yes, there will be anger but that is because two people are learning how to forgive each other. There will be trials because life is not always fair and problems arise in marriages. But that only helps two people learn how to work together as a single unit.

    Marriage is far more than the bad stories. It is about how two people who love each other work together to deepen that love and make it stronger than anything the world can throw its way.

    Marriage is not for the weak

    Far too many people have a romanticized view of marriage. These are the ones that fail and let their love for each other erode away. They waste that golden opportunity to have the best thing in life.

    Marriage is for the strong. It is for those who are willing to become vulnerable with another person and still be brave enough to say I love you. Marriage is not for those who want to play a game. It is for those who want everlasting love.

    The Beauty of a Wedding

    The Beauty of a Wedding

    Your wedding day is a special occasion

    Something that you hope you will do only once in your life. This means that everything must be just right. From the flower arrangements to the clothes the flower girl and ring bearer wear. You do not want anything to be out of place.

    It is a day you want to remember everyday of your life. You want it to stand out over every other day of the years you live.That is why you spend hundreds of hours looking for that perfect dress. That is why you spend so much time going over every detail. It is a day that has to be perfect

    It Is Your Day

    One wonderful thing about weddings is how you stand out above the rest. The only person that matters is you. There may be other women in attendance, but you stand out and outshine them all.

    You get the attention, even if the groom is by your side. All eyes are on you. It is your day because you are taking a very big, serious step in your life. You are saying you want to make this change.

    This day is all about you, honoring your choices, your look, your commitment.

    A Day That Changes Your Life

    This is part of the beauty of a wedding. It is not just about the pageantry, the wedding gown, the wonderful reception but about your choice. You have chosen to be brave and change your life.

    Your wedding celebrates the beauty of that decision. You have made a choice to live with one other person. To share what life brings your way. Your life is not going to be the same. You are saying you are grown-up and your life is not going to be as it was.

    The Beauty of a Wedding

    Yet the real beauty of the wedding is the character of the two people involved. They are publicly telling everyone that this is their mate and the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

    Everything else is just for show. The spirit of the two people uniting together and becoming one brings out the true beauty involved with weddings. The commitment they demonstrate surpasses the wonders of the sunrise. It outshines the beauty of nature.

    Their solemn vow makes the luster of gold dull in comparison.

    A Wedding is Awesome

    Without the true beauty of a wedding decorating your life together, every day will seem lacking something to make your life together special. A wedding puts the stamp of approval on your union. It says your life together means something.

    The beauty of a wedding is its long reach of loveliness that touches every moment of your life together.

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